Public Notice Regarding Hockey League Registration Incident


A number of individuals, with a shared interest in participating in a hockey league, provided funds to Chad Sonka, who claimed he would facilitate the team's enrollment in a league hosted by a local university. The collective funds amounted to approximately $5000, with individual contributions ranging from $350-$420.


It was subsequently revealed that the said registration was never completed. Confirmation was obtained from the university that there were no records of any registration under Chad Sonka’s coordination for the league in question.


Along with a prolonged period of inconsistent explanations and unfulfilled assurances of refunds, Chad Sonka conceded to using the collected funds for personal activities unrelated to hockey, specifically gambling.

Action Taken:

In response to these admissions and the lack of restitution, legal steps are being initiated which include the filing of a police report against Chad Sonka for the misappropriation of funds.

Call to Action:

We urge individuals who were part of this incident to come forward and contribute any evidence they may have. This includes transaction records and communication exchanges with Chad Sonka regarding the league fees.

Assurance of Privacy:

This webpage is committed to maintaining the anonymity of all involved parties with the exception of Chad Sonka, whose name is disclosed solely for the purposes of this notice.

Final Note:

This public statement serves to inform and caution the community regarding the aforementioned events. All information presented here is based on collected evidence and direct admissions from the involved party, Chad Sonka.


This page contains only factual information intended for public awareness and is not an accusation or an attempt to presume legal judgment which is the exclusive province of the appropriate legal authorities.